INONI brand was created from the initiative of Tomek Skoczylas. We have been sewing and delivering cycling clothes since 2004 using the best available technologies. We have always wanted to contribute our own quality to the sport we love, and to which we have devoted all our lives.

In recent years, we have been developing a culture of clothing production based on respect for craftsmanship, substantive knowledge and experience. Our highest goal is to provide active people with the quality and styling they deserve.

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Having our own facilities, machinery and, above all, very talented and passionate people, we are able to take care of even the smallest details during the production process. Each product we work on, before it is presented to recipients, undergoes a series of tests during a variety of rider’s positions.

We want to provide our customers with outfits we once dreamt of, because we feel part of this society. We represent people, who shape the future of cycling, people who want to live life to the fullest, reach their goals and dream about even greater sports adventures. People, who through kilometers of routes and endless serpentines of roads express themselves and demonstrate their passion for life and experiencing moments. At INONI we understand that completely, and that is why we feel responsible for what you ride in.


We realise how important for you is a possibility to express yourself during a ride. We spend hundreds of hours preparing our collections. Our designers carefully follow the rapidly changing trends in the cycling world. We try to be up to date, however, a calm and elegant aesthetic is in the zone of our biggest comfort.

Subdued, sophisticated and perfectly refined collections make the values we represent real. This is our drive and style, to which we remain faithful.

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We have been present in the cycling clothing industry since 2007. Our most recent and most perfect child – the INONI brand, emerged in 2020. We are a group of friends, a team united by common passion, dreams and great ambitions. Together, we represent the culture of people who ride. For years, we have been evolving together, perfecting each detail of our enterprise.

Cooperation with multiple European clubs, with their highest quality demand, taught us how to create a product we are proud of. INONI is the embodiment of our dreams, years of efforts, trials and tests. It is also an important piece of our lives devoted to perfecting sports clothes.
Now we are just glad we can present them to you.


Kiore origins

Establishment of the Kiore Group.

INONI - Beginnings

Producing for one of the biggest Polish brands we begin INONI brand creation.

Production testing stage

Laboratory test of ultrasound joined materials. Machines and components durability quality check.

Research & Development

First test uniforms. Quintessence of product vision - INONI shorts are made. Merino line quality testing.

Satisfied customers

The establishment of the store and start of the execution of orders. After two years of testing we are confident that customers will receive uniforms we can be proud of.

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