Our manufacture is operated by 20 people. We have our own machine park, which we constantly develop by providing new technologies and solutions to the world of sport.

Attention to details and unusual stylizations – these are the goals that guide us every day. Perfectionism and innovation have deep roots at INONI.


The never-ending pursuit of excellence and boundless dedication to the passion of cycling are values ​​deeply rooted in INONI, which we have subtly marked with the presence of the φ symbol in our brand logo.

Over the years, we have perfected our skills, learned the trade from the best and searched for the most modern solutions. All this in order to make a significant change ourselves – bring a new original quality, which in our opinion was missing on the cycling clothing market.

Using the experience, facilities and resources gained, we have created our own technology – INONI U-SONIC ™ of seamless suits, absolutely smooth, combined using ultrasound technology.


When preparing INONI triathlon pants and clothing, we used ultrasound technology that had not been used in the industry so far. INONI U-SONIC ™ allows materials to be joined without the use of seams. Absolutely smooth materials, completely imperceptible for the body, show quality and technological innovation, which we present with satisfaction and pride.



The use of ultrasonic technology when joining materials is a comfort that has not been available on the market so far. Perfectly smooth material adheres perfectly to the body, ensuring comfort of use and great aerodynamics. At INONI, we design clothes that will be appreciated by the most demanding users.


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