We were born cyclists. Better outfits were so important for us, we started creating our own. Now we feel the calling to invent, create and implement new solutions for the industry.




One of our most important original technological solutions. Connecting materials using ultrasound technology we obtain a completely smooth and aerodynamic surface, ensuring perfect fit to the body followed by comfort you will recognize. INONI U-SONIC™ is used in cycling shorts and triathlon outfits.


To connect material with pad we used special eight points of contact weave, providing extremely durable and strong – almost unrippable – joint, which is difficult to damage even with stretching and intense use. We used it where the pad connects with material, so it’s ultralight construction is not influenced by too much force during stretching.

Built-in magnets in shirt’s pockets make quick and convenient access possible during a ride. Easily hide your phone, documents or credit card you can buy your favourite coffee with during the stop.

You will find them in models designated for urban jungle rides.


During INONI URBAN collection preparation we reached for material globally appreciated in the world of outdoor sports, which is MERINO WOOL. Merino wool fibers are pleasant in touch, breathe great and absorb unwanted scent very slowly. Our shirts from the Merino collection have antibacterial properties. Selecting our materials we reached for 100% natural ones – exactly the same nature provided.

Merino wool is a cobmfort and freshness guarantee for a whole day. Perfect solution for those commuting on bikes.





INONI shirts were constructed to bring comfort to every user. Fitting, but not excessively tight, without excess material accumulating, and absolutely ergonomic. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you deserve the highest quality product.


We make every effort to ensure our clothes are light, subtle and almost imperceptible on the body. INONI shorts fit perfectly to the body, forming a kind of second skin, providing excellent aerodynamics and ergonomics.

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