The Spring 2021 Collection

Season’s change: winter turns to spring and spring to summer. Longer, warmer days bring more ambitious and adventurous rides.
You managed to keep riding through the winter.

Removed layers and headed out on your best road bike. This is what always makes these spring rides special. It’s when we all feel the joy of cycling that we first felt as kids, it’s when it all comes together. Being comfortable on the bike and anxious to see what’s around the next corner.

That’s what it’s all about.

In love with natural materials

Merino sweatshirts cannot be heat-treated. They consist of 100% natural fibers making embroidery’s looks so visually fitting.

Tested on four continents

The 2021 Spring Collection was tested on four continents. Pictures were taken in multiple urban locations like San Francisco. We wanted the outfits to be perfect for racing, and at the same time providing comfort during city rides.

Did you like it?

Our Merino shirt is made of two materials. It works in all conditions.

When designing the shirt, we completely changed our approach. Our main goal was not to create aerodynamic outerwear. The most important thing for us is the feeling of comfort.

We want it to be your first and favorite choice. Merino guarantees great thermals and convenience. Built-in magnets in shirt’s pockets make quick access during a ride.

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